Murray Fitzpatrick

Keynote Speaker

Murray is a “high content” speaker – His  approach is fresh, real-world, and his  style is upbeat, humorous yet practical. Each presentation is loaded with real world ideas, methods, and tips that men and women can use immediately to get results. Many consider Murray’s coaching to be the most influential day they have had in their business life.

Murray has acted as MC for the Q Invest annual business event over the past two years. At both events Murray did a fantastic job keeping the guest speakers on topic and on time, while hitting the right note with the audience. I have no hesitation recommending Murray for anyone seeking an MC for a professional event. – Kelly Quinn, Q Invest

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As a keynote speaker, Murray has experience presenting to a wide range of audiences, on a wide range of topics. Below is a list of some of the top sessions he has been requested to present recently. Murray utilises his experience as a sales trainer and corporate presenter to offer an engaging and valuable session to any size audience. His interactive approach, use of break-out sessions and practical examples of the content make the message that much stronger.

Building rapport with clients
Murray will share with you the importance of having a well structured and meaningful value proposition to deliver to your client, how to conduct permission positioning and practicing your proposition statement to get maximum leverage off your meeting. We will also go through how to get into the right room. How often do you find yourself across from a person who is not the stakeholder, not the decision maker. We look at qualifying business leads to ensure you are spending your time following up the top class leads. Finally, we go through the structure of a meeting, and what it means to take to be truly client focussed early in the meeting. There is a fine lines between running a client focused meeting and educating a client on how you might be able to help them. From the proper preparation before a client meeting, to engaging the client, we will review how you can get focussed early to make sure the client comes along for the ride.

Creating a sales culture within your business

Thank you for your facilitation of our recent In-Country Managers Workshop. It was a very successful few days, and was a great team building exercise which enabled all attendees to get to know one another, in a non-confronting way, to share information and resources, and to help them in their future roles back in their own countries. – Kevin Anderson, Director of Campus, Chief Operations Officer, James Cook University Brisbane

Organisation skills for busy professionals
Time. Despite how rich, talented or successful you may be, it is the one thing that you can always use more of. When looking at the top business performers, it quickly becomes obvious that a defining factor of their success is due to the fact that they are acutely aware of the value of their time. They don’t spend their days doing tasks that earn them little or no money – they focus on those big jobs that bring in the big money. They practice time management.

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Professional selling skills

My sales people always look forward to your sessions and the challenges you provide, as well as your skill for keeping the sessions highly practical, upbeat and relevant. – Andre Moten, General Manager, Corporate Travel Management

Why sales people need to be great presenters

Murray’s one-on-one presentation skills coaching greatly improved my confidence and attitude towards presenting. He equipped me with the mental skills to have ‘courage under fire’, not only the physical skills for speaking in public. – Jacqui Walford, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Australasia, HLB Mann Judd

Having impact in your meetings

Murray had the ability to understand my business and identify key points and people to work on. Murray put together a 6 month plan to motivate and train all field rep’s, including chairing sales meetings. The sales force feedback was extraordinary, the results were a true credit to Murray. – Derek Prince, Managing Director, Daisy Pool Covers

Professional closing skills
Sales people can spend so much time chasing opportunities that just won’t close due to not flushing out the truth during meetings and getting the client to express the way forward. There are times when the ‘sure thing’ doesn’t close or the decision date passes by or the date to make a decision turns into another ‘think it over’. Why does this happen?

Winging it or winning it – Its up to you. Your approach to the sales process

Through Murray’s involvement we have taken our team from competent to dynamic and the results achieved are testament to his ability. – Steven Brown, Managing Director, Grace Removals Group

Murray is available for bookings throughout Australia, and depending on his commitments, could be available at short notice.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs.

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