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Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Workshops

Good presentation skills are employed every single day in workplaces across Australia, from Brisbane to Melbourne, Sydney to Perth. From talking to the boss, meeting with clients, or presenting to the board, your presentation skills are critical to your success. The ability to convey your message is critical in the business world of today. Whether your in an executive, sales, management or a technical role your skill  to get your messages  to  a range of audiences to educate or inspire them can set you apart from the pack.

Murray’s workshops include:
  • Full tailoring of materials to work with “your stuff”
  • Small groups to maximise learning and ensure efficiency on the day
  • Learn with laughter – relaxed group dynamic
  • A detailed personal critical analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Non-threatening approach to sometimes ‘daunting’ content
  • Personal coaching and immediate video feedback throughout the day
  • Course materials and followup processes to promote change in behaviour

“Murray’s one-on-one presentation skills coaching greatly improved my confidence and attitude towards presenting. He equipped me with the mental skills to have ‘courage under fire’, not only the physical skills for speaking in public. I really appreciate the help Murray gave me and remember his tips and tricks and always use them. I highly regard his coaching skills and style and am more than happy to recommend him.” – Jacqui Walford, HLB Mann Juddhttps:


Sales people.

More often business and Decision makers are basing their buying decisions on your staffs ability to be confident in the product/service, convey value and and to clearly define a unique point of difference.

Your staff are looking to you for motivation, guidance and as  a role model. The ability to present through a range of situations can be the critical leadership skill that you need to go to the next level.

Murray Fitzpatrick has a unique ability to get you and your people to choose to make that choice to do things differently and to go to the next level of  professionalism and success.

Whether it is a one on one session focussed on an upcoming presentation, or participation in a group Presentation Skills session, the content is tailored with both individuals and groups in mind and can be applied across a large spectrum of professions and endeavours.

Powerful Presentations Skills Workshop