Macquarie Bank, Mirvac, The Brisbane Broncos, The Jims Group, JB Were , Travelex, The Grace Group and MLC all recognise it takes a special person to appeal to a wide cross-section of staff. When these companies are looking to motivate and enthuse their staff, they know Murray Fitzpatrick is the right person for the job.

Murray has an engaging personality and combined with his 10-year experience in Adult education, he combines his unique blend of entertainment, humour and practical activities to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of participants.  These organisations continue to use Murray because he “supports staff make changes to their behaviour”.


Over the past 15 years, Murray has established himself as a facilitator who instigates change. He does this as a partner with Senior Executives, Human Resource / Learning and Development Managers and General Managers, in Australia and regularly in the UK, the US and in Asia.

Murray appeals to an individual’s sense of purpose to make them strive for peak performance. He is a firm believer that we all have a unique set of resources and he works with individuals to draw out these skills in both their work and personal environments.

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It is Murray’s zest for life that equips him to cope with the range of challenges that a modern day sales executive faces. He co-delivers workshops, programs and coaching that really facilitate change at an individual level because he believes in an individual’s propensity to choose their behaviour and that by having a go, achievement will be guaranteed.

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