Murray’s enthusiasm and real-world focus will help you put on a truly memorable and productive event.

From organising the agenda, liaising with speakers to finding a suitable venue and arrange engaging and challenging activities to forge the group’s connection.

Here are just a few of the things that Murray can assist with when organising your event:

  • Locate suitable venue/meeting rooms
  • Initiate planning with key stakeholders
  • Agenda content and timings, and distribution to key stakeholders
  • Development of a workbook
  • Co-ordinate travel arrangements and preferences with Corporate Travel agencies
  • Assist presenters organise appropriate presentations and content, offering insights into presentation design and activities that will help drive their outcomes
  • Offer a keynote address to the group on a relevant topic
  • Conference call with stakeholders to review and finalise areas such as activities, technology requirements, travel logistics and final agenda publication
  • Facilitate the event, ensuring participant take-up and engagement as well as time effectiveness
  • Debrief the participants and/or key stakeholders at the close of the event
  • Debrief conference call after the event with key stakeholders, including action plans from the conference.

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Case Study

One of Murray’s most interesting events involved Fitzpatricks Financial Services, and a client event where David Mesnard from Ocean Divine came to Australia for a day with Fitzpatricks.

Many of the group gathered at the Tweed Heads Indoor Pool for a 2 hour session with David learn the breathing techniques of free diving. A quick test with no training on holding your breath pulled out a range of times from 15 seconds to 1 minute 10 seconds.

David then lead the group in some breathing and relaxation activities to demonstrate the importance of staying focussed and ‘in your happy place’ when you are in a stressful situation, and how that focus can benefit your frame of mind. Another session in the pool, now with all the wisdom of their instructor, and each of the guys improved their times by at least 300%, demonstrating just how important relaxation and focus is in many day to day situations.

The presentation at the scenic Fitzpatricks offices in Coolangatta was a brilliant way to finish off a busy working week. Clients, friends, family and local identities all gathered to hear to hear David’s story of his move to the Maldives, his vision of ‘Ocean Divine’ and the determination he had amidst all his challenges was inspiring. His 2 ½ year struggle to achieve his dream made us all contemplate the power of vision and persistence. His one example of spending 48 days walking 140 tonnes of wood from the ocean floor to his handmade shipyard will long remain in the minds of those attending when things get tough in their own working life.

After the presentation, we were lucky enough to have Steve ‘Snowy’ Cook over from Fins Restaurant at Salt Village, Kingscliff to cook everyone a mouth-watering seafood paella.

This event proved to be an inspirational day for all involved, and Murray was pleased to play a part in it.

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