Sales Excellence in the Removals Industry
The Only Industry Proven & Trusted Course

The Course to Move Your Sales Team From Good to Great!

How to close more sales

Make more margin on specific jobs.

Present insurance with impact to increase your premiums and closure rate .

Give clients the best experience to differentiate yourself from the competition


  • World class training from a relocations sales expert
  • Best practice sales process with clients
  • Complete set of training resources with videos, models, tips and scripts
  • Personal hard hitting Feedback on your approach
  • New strategies and insights to use with Domestic and International clients
  • Scripts and processes to overcome objections issues in relocation resource
  • Confidence to differentiate your offer and get away from price
  • Killer closing and a renewed passion for sales


  • World class experience in the moving Industry
  • Over 1000 in-home one-on-one coaching sessions completed
  • 20 years experience coaching and consulting to major players in the industry
  • Upbeat, practical and motivational for new starters, average performers or your proven performers.
what-about Murray Fitzpatrick


  • Any client consultant who needs to have influence
  • Phone based salespeople looking for the next career move to being an “in-home” consultant
  • Sales Managers looking to give their team “the edge”
  • Company Sales Directors who are frustrated with competing on price on every job


COMPANY COST- access from $499/person (US)

What You Get- *Due to contractual obligations, this course is not available in Australia

Unique logins for 1-40 staff

Videos, worksheets & more!

Introductory teams/zoom call and Email access to Murray

Additional logins available for your entire team

Module Outlines

Module 1 - Having a Sales Process

The sales process. Why “winging it” doesn’t work.

How to get your sales team differentiating them selves from the start.

Module 2 - Your Point of Difference and Uniqueness

Your point of difference and getting customers to understand – it’s crowded out there?

Module 3 - Handling Inbound Inquiries

First impressions count

Module 4 - Precalling Customers

The set up

Module 5 - The First Five Minutes

You’ve got to be good

Module 6 - The First Sit Down

Consultative skills to outsell the competition

Module 7 - Doing a Survey With Influence

“Its not about the volume” ,Learn influencing skills.

Module 8 - Creating Difference in the Home

Changing the goals posts to differentiate your offer

Module 9 - The Second Sit Down

Game on! this is where you win or lose

Module 10 - Be hold. Have the Real Conversation

If you don’t ask…You don’t get. Lets discuss the important stuff.

Module 11 - Influencing Skills

6 things to do and say to ensure your messages are taken in.

Module 12 - Being Influential With Insurance

the most important discussion you will have

Module 13 - Lifting the Insurance Premium

Get the premium you want

Module 14 - Gaining Preference in the House

Are you the best? If so ask. Heres how you do it.

Module 15 - Follow Up With Impact

Be better than the rest, clients notice it.

Module 16 -Dealing With Price Objections

We all get them, so be prepared.

Module 17- Organising Yourself For Success

Get ready to earn more commission.

Module 18- Becoming and Expert

The 65% rule and what you need to do to be an expert

Module 19 - International Extension

Get the good margin jobs. Heres 10 things to ensure you get your margin

Module 20 - Masterclass

Are you ready for this?  Only for the brave

**NOTE: Due to contractual arrangement. This offer is not available in Australia**