The key to success in any sales training event is getting the overall training process just right.

This means ensuring your team respond in the room and choose to do things differently when they leave.
Murray Fitzpatrick has a unique ability to get your people to choose to make that choice to do things differently and to go to the next level of sales professionalism and success.
His does achieve this through:
  • Research with you, your customers and your team
  • Benchmarking and modeling of your top performers or industry best practice
  • Upbeat and cutting-edge training/coaching techniques using the most appropriate NLP principles
  • Tapping into personal motivations to ensure participants choose to go to a new level
  • Simple and impactful follow up techniques to ensure results

If you’re looking for a keynote presentation,
a 1-day event or a structured sales development program you need Murray Fitzpatrick.

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